Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mimio - interactive whiteboard without the whiteboard

Here is a cool new technology from MIMIO seen at ALA Chicago Conference. A follow-up e-mail from the company is below:

The mimio Interactive system transforms an ordinary dry erase whiteboard into a fully-featured, multi-media capable interactive whiteboard—quickly, easily and more affordably than conventional interactive whiteboard systems. What does this mean for your school?
  • More interactive whiteboard-enabled classrooms within your budget. mimio puts its patented technology on existing classroom whiteboards saving your school hundreds of dollars per room.
  • No need to retrofit classrooms with new equipment. mimio Interactive systems work with your school's desktop and laptop computers and projectors.

  • Teachers can share mimio Interactive systems. mimio Interactive is small and portable and can be moved from one class to another almost instantly.
  • Full-featured interactive whiteboard performance. Control PowerPoint files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and more. Browse the web and bring multimedia content onto the board and into the classroom. Annotate, mark up and edit slides and screens on the board.

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