Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Apple (iPhone and iPod Touch) Video

Today's papers are carrying an article about Apple's plans to take over the lead in video, leaving flip video in the dust. Soon, iPhone and especially iPod Touch will offer a superior video tool and allow for wireless downloading. What are the implications for schools? What's the word from CSLA members? Comments, please.

Also "heard on the street" and in the same newspapers is a rumor that China is busily manufacturing Apple netbooks or a similar device that will be offered this October. Anyone hear more on the subject?

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Tom Kaun said...

The article is headlined: "Apple devices may give Flip some competition"
The operative word here is "may."
Since it's unlikely we will be handing out iPhones to students in the near future, I think there is still plenty of life in the Flip camera for educational uses for quite a while yet.
One comparison of the two devices I read indicated that Apple provides no real competition for the HD version of the Flip camera.
Don't throw your Flips away just yet!