Thursday, October 22, 2009

Internet 2 and School Libraries

Interesting article on Multimedia and Internet @ Schools about how Internet 2 is not just for tech geeks and institutions of higher learning.

"Internet2. What does this word mean to you? Maybe it conjures images of a mythical realm off-limits to the masses of web-surfing plebeians. A forbidding place where computer engineers and the academic research elite speak in esoteric computer programming dialects and move terabytes of data through big pipes at the speed of light.

To Chad Lehman, a library media specialist at Horace Mann Elementary School in West Allis, Wis., Internet2 is helping transform the school library into the heart of digitally enabled innovation and learning in his school. As we shall see, Chad’s story is one that is being repeated in thousands of K–20 institutions across the country.

So what is Internet2, and why does it matter to K–12 schools and libraries? To answer these questions, let’s start at the beginning."

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