Friday, May 29, 2009

Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)

The Governor's Digital Literacy Executive Order on Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Digital Literacy is an important document.

You will want to focus on #4 d. (of 9):
  1. The Leadership Council, in consultation with the Advisory Committee, shall also develop a California Action Plan for ICT Digital Literacy (Action Plan). The Action Plan shall include:
d. Strategies and actions for incorporating Digital Literacy into K-12 and higher education.

This is specifically where CSLA recommendations can be directed.
Doug Achterman's statistics related to equitable access to school libraries should be of interest to the above mentioned Leadership Council and Advisory Committee.

WHEREAS Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Digital Literacy is a defining component of California's competitiveness for a knowledge-based economy and is growing in importance to attract capital investment that will generate higher quality jobs; and
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