Saturday, March 8, 2008

Girls and Gaming Webliography

A gender inequality still exists relative to technology – and gaming in particular. The following web resources are likely to engage girls, and boys will enjoy some of them too (marked with *). Suffice to say, blindly e-searching using the terms “girls + gaming” can get into very risqué areas, so gaming should an opportunity for adults to work and enjoy with students.

Links4Kids: Girls Only
Lots of great web links, some of which include games; the website as a whole has a section on games that could be used for all kinds of children

Girl Scouts: Girls Only
Girl Scouts has proactively sought ways to encourage girls to explore technology; these are fun games for middle school girls in particular

American Girl
This website for American Girl fans includes games and quizzes (be careful of the commercial aspects though)

Want girls to experience different types of literacy in an interactive way? This is a great site for them.

*Digital Films
This is a free web-based program that enables users to make a simple animated story

Not exactly a game, but this comic creation tool is fun and game-like; it is similar to Digital Films

Zoey’s Room
A site for middle school girls that encourages activities in science, math and technology

Girls Tech
This site for adults helps them evaluate digital resources for girls, particularly in terms of science and technology; their sample sites provide a starting place for appropriate interactive educational fun

*PowerPoint Game Template Resources
Links to several kinds of templates, including educational games; librarians may want to choose suitable templates for students to create their own games (or work with a female student committee to choose the best templates to use)

Gamer Girls Unite
Empowering young women gamers, this site might be useful if the library advises a teen girl gamer club

*Yahoo Games
Yahoo has a huge assortment of games; this is another opportunity for girls to explore sites (with adult supervision) to identify fun, appropriate games for their female peers

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